Game Collector 16.3 Pro Keygen & Crack Free Download

Game Collector 16.3 Pro Keygen & Crack Free Download

Game Collector 16.3 Pro Keygen & Crack Free Download
Game Collector 16.3 Pro Keygen & Crack Free Download

New Game Collector 16.3 Pro Keygen permits you to keep on on top of your desired video game collection without having to do a great deal typing. With it you can effortlessly generate your online game record and share your best game list with your friends. With the Game Collector you can add your games to the folder with very easy scheme by entering the title and let the game collector look for online databases to collect the additional information and download a game cover image.

It is an application that helps you mechanically catalog your games in a database. You Just have to type the game title or type/scan its barcode to download all data from various basis on the internet (like Amazon), including title, publisher, developer, platform, genre and the cover image. Browse your gathering by genre, publisher, platform, etc… or use the Thumbnail View to view your cover images. By it group on any field, print lists and export to HTML, CSV or XML. Use the incorporated Loan Manager to trail which games you lend and to whom.

Key Features:

Adding games to your database:
  • Cataloging games by Title
  • Cataloging games by Barcode
  • Batch adding with the Queue Mode
  • The online game database
  • Finding more cover images online
  • Adding Hardware & Accessories
Browsing your game collection:
  • Images View / List View / Cover Flow
  • Group games into Folders
  • Manage your Collection and your Wish List
  • Statistics: Bar Charts and Pie Charts
  • Searching your game database
  • Customizing Game Collector
  • Exporting and sharing your game list
  • Export game data to the CLZ Games app
  • for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Share your database online with
  • Game Collector Connect
  • Printing lists
  • Export to HTML pages
  • Export to CSV, XML
  • Network support
  • Managing and editing your database
  • Editing your game entries
  • Editing multiple games in one go
  • Loan Manager
  • Auto Capitalization & Automatic Sort Titles
  • Managing your pick lists
  • Setting Field Defaults
  • Field Names / User Defined Fields

Operating System:

  • Windows XP, Vista
  • Windows 7, 8 & 8.1
  • And Windows 10

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